Yoga Makes Me

by: Maine Advanced Spinal Care

Embrace Your Inner Wisdom

The principles of chiropractic are designed to work with the body, not against it, “treat” it, or cover up symptoms.  These principles include allowing the body to express itself, and its innate drive for healing.

Just like health problems can develop silently for over tim, the way that we feel inside can brew silently as well.  Both our bodies and our personalities need healthy outlets to communicate what is happening on the inside. Otherwise forceful, negative, or even harmful expressions can result.  In a lot of ways, our bodies’ symptoms are like our own emotions. They need to be expressed.

The physical body fully expressing different states can look like shivering, then sweating, then sleep, then violent digestive upset.  What happens if the body doesn’t fully express itself?  Often we can be quick to shut down any symptoms of illness.  If medications are used at every step of the process to stop the activity of the immune system, or the nervous system, stopping its expression of symptoms can leave the body disabled, without a protective or expressive reflex.  If it doesn’t get to expel harmful microorganisms or toxins, it may set itself up for potentially greater breakdown later on.

Repressing these symptoms can be very much like repressing our feelings and emotions, which can have their own harmful effects of stress on our bodies.  Then when they have built up past our ability to withstand them, they can come out violently in a way that does damage beyond our ability to control them.  Unhealthy repression of feelings can burst out uncontrollably like an out of control infection.  Repressing our feelings - or our symptoms - constantly may feel easier in the moment but can lead to real consequences over time.

“Don’t Make Your Chiropractor Say ‘Yikes!’

One of the areas to make sure you are not causing injury is when you are active.  Getting healthy physical activity is so necessary in today’s highly sedentary culture.  One of the most common ways to do this - especially for people looking to avoid injury - is yoga.

Yoga is fantastic and there are very good reasons why yogic practices have been around for thousands of years.  However, there are certain tendencies as chiropractors that we see regularly - so we know where people can tend to get in trouble.  And one of those is a forceful forward bend, either standing or seated.

This is where the weight of the torso and/or the arms forcefully pulls the entire trunk forward into the movement known as flexion.  Flexion of the low back, where the low back is rounded forward, is the weakest position for the low back.  Forceable flexion is involved in a substantial number of injuries to the low back.  Make sure the range of motion of the low back is what determines the amount of forward bending  - not the weight of the torso, the arms, or even the hands grabbing the feet or legs and forcibly pulling the torso into a position of strained forced flexion.  Take care of your spine first is a basic principle of yogic practice. That way you can get the benefits of yoga without running into setbacks.  Or sabotaging your chiropractic care.

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